10th/11th Gen Civic "Maxx Ecu" Plug-n-Play Adapter Harness

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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Ok, For those of you who are tired of the lack of support for the 10th Gen and 11th Gen Civic chassis we got something for you as-well! Just finished making new Plug-N-Play adapter harnesses with "The Harness Shop" to support the, "K20C2," engine in CVT Auto and Manual configuraions allowing a piggyback EMS design using a Maxx Ecu Mini or a Maxx Ecu Street Management System. These harnesses are DR25 Rychem covered and use the best AWG Standard wire available for the best connection and continuity possible. 

The idea behind the harness is ole skool but the design is brand new and 100% capable of maintaining the OEM ECU for the Immobilizer and Honda Sense equipment required for the higher functions of the car while allowing the Maxx Ecu to control the engine parameters using the fastest Canbus in the indistry "FCAN" for communication between your connected deviced. This harness adapts the OEM Ecu features and functions with the powerful Maxx Ecu ARM Cortex-M3 120MHz main processor to allow lightning fast processing changes to the configured environment for air, fuel, spark and boost control. This harness is configured to suport E-Throttle and standard Port Fuel injection only and cannot currently support Direct injection. 

Depending on the ECU you select "Mini or Street," with your adapter harness will determine the amount of additional GPIO input/Outputs you have available. Additional capabilities can be added for additional cost or a full Millspec harness can be created for you at your request. Mesage in for details. Maxx Ecu Mini or Sport is not included in this listing. This listing is for the Adapter harness "ONLY" and comes with a 1yr Warranty against defects.  Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for your custom harness to be assembled and shipped to your door. 

Other Standalone options are available for your configurations aswell in various designs. Check the dropdown menu for options.