ITCC Ford Automatic Torque Coupler

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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New and improved AKDBuilt Performance Inc has done it again! With the support of customers like you we have designed a new line of performance products to support AWD Ford/ Hyundai/ Toyota/ Nissan/ Kia/ Lincoln/ Chevy vehicles. In this new listing we are taking orders to support the new ITCC Automatic Torque Coupling (ATC) for AWD ITCC Rear Differentials. This mechanical Tq Transfer Coupling uses our AKDBuilt designed RacingDiffs manufactured Moly-Ceramic Clutch to add a servicable solution to the welded tooled steel case design providd by Borg Warner and Ford. 

Designed in support by Colin and Jim under the badge of @Fastest_Edge on IG these new parts will be tested riggerously on street and track on their 3.0L 600+WHP Edge Sport and by several testers in the Ecoboost community. Designed specifically for the use of ATF-4 or 75W-140 Friction Modified Gear Oil this coupler is made of 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum and features 2 x 3/8" fill and servicing ports, redesigned upper lid and case allowing a screw type fitment for the lid to the cover and a snap ring to be used to maintain a nice secure fitment. a 100% plug and play replacement it uses the internals of the existing coupler : Shaft/ Bearings/ Seals/ Snap Rings to support the new design. When used with our RacingDiffs clutches this coupler will provide 600% over factory gripping force and 65% more clutch engagement area. Its design will provide a servicable and fully customizable approach to power transfer to the rear wheels while promoting the use of the factory electo-magnetic clutch. These parts are available now for testing for the first 10 participants of various platforms for testing.