RT4WD Billet Wagon Differential Cover

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Alright! Many people asking for them and we have heard you! AKDBuilt Performance Inc is happy to announce an introductory offer for our new RT4WD Honda Wagovan Billet Rear Differential Cover. New optimized design features a Billet Aluminum construction based on the original RT4WD Wagon differential Wagon with some advancements in structural design.

This Diff cover will come either Hard Anodized Black or Clear and comes with a lifetime warranty against Manufacturers Defects. It will fit any OEM Wagon rear differentail and yes it works with our subframes and any other known on the market. This introductory offer will be limited to the first 25 people interested in this new technology. All orders will be amde through the website via paypal to allow buyer and seller protection for these new billet parts. Production will take 30 days and all will be shipped via UPS. Available first and only at AKDBuilt Performance Inc!