Lessons Learned

There are a lot of rumors and gossip surrounding Automotive Koncepts & Designs, Inc, stretching all the way back to when we developed the world's first bolt on AWD kit back in 2016 when the concept of AWD Hondas was still in its infancy. We were the first ever to create a global market for AWD Kits. Some of what you've heard is straight up fabrication with bits of truth woven into it, but some of it is also 100% true. We never forget where we came from and who was there when we started. 

Long story short we made some mistakes in the beginning trusting shops and companies to help us roll out our latest product to the world and were taken advantage of by those closest to us! We got so excited with the idea of providing our new revolutionary product to the world and rather than protecting ourselves we shared our products and ideas with people who in turn rip them off. We trusted people/shops/manufacturers to keep up their end of our contracts and did not do enough to ensure proper recourse in regards to reliable timelines and quality materials. This led us to make promises that we couldn't back up. Ultimately leading to delays in manufacturing, and in some cases a complete redesign of the products that we provided to you. To the people who felt slighted by this, we have and continue to offer sincere apologies and deliver products under our new banner AKDBuilt Performance Inc and since then, we've corrected our course and implemented sound policies to protect ourselves and our customers. 

All things considered what everyone wanted was for us to be ashamed and disappear forever. Here's the problem with that. We know it can be done better than it's being done now and have proven it time and time again. That's what we are here for. We are not Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc but AKDBuilt Performance Inc an automotive engineering company based out of Leonardtown Maryland. Anyone who has tried to build anything worthwhile will understand what this is like. We choose whether our setbacks are obstacles or opportunities for growth, and we choose the latter.

Lessons learned, and now we are doing it the right way 100%

If you feel you have a legitimate grievance and would like to do more then just complain on Facebook groups please hit us up via the contact form to open a dialogue. 


Thank You for reading.

The AKDBuilt Performance Inc.