10th/ 11th Gen Civic, Accord, 6th Gen Integra AWD System

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I have some exciting news for all the Honda and Acura fans out there! If you've been following me on social media, you probably already know what's been going on. We've developed the first-ever AWD system for the 10th/11th Gen Civic and Accord, and 6th Gen Integra, and it's now ready for distribution. You can configure a kit specifically for your chassis and engine combination using the listings on our website.

Here are some details about the system:

Subframe: (Included in kit)
We've designed, manufactured, and test-fitted a fully functional AWD subframe that allows you to convert the back half of your car to AWD. The subframes are made of 4340 Chromoly Steel, Tig Welded, and inspected for tolerances by an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility. They're much stronger than the OEM subframe and feature a bolt-on design like OEM. They'll allow you to fit The Honda Element, CRV, Civic Wagon, and Accord Crosstour rear differential with plenty of ground clearance to protect your investments.

Trailing Arms: (Included in kit)
Our AWD system is specific to the 10th and 11th Gen Civic Series, Accord, and 6th Gen Integra in all trims. It replaces the rear knuckle and bolt-on trailing arm design with a dedicated trailing arm design with spherical toe adjustment and spherical LCA mount. You can use the OEM speed sensor or Delacruz Motorsports Hall Effect sensor to pick up wheel speed off of our Extreme Series 100mm Rear axles. The fitment and form are mirror images of OEM, except these 4340 Chromoly Steel Trailing arms are "variable length," adjustable, allowing you to place the wheel anywhere you want in the wheel well. With a Spherical LCA and Camber kit, the suspension is fully adjustable and allows you to place the rear wheel anywhere in the wheel well you choose. The trailing arms come with 4340 Chromoly Heim joints and COM14 Spherical LCA bushings.

Driveshafts: (optional)
Depending on the configuration, we'll send you a custom aluminum shaft with a billet aluminum carrier bearing hanger and 1310 U-joints with billet steel U-joint flanges to bolt to the transfer case and the rear differential. In AWD mode, you would choose (RTAWD) to use the Element, CRV, Crosstour rear differential design. For 4WD, you would choose (RT4WD) for mounting for the Wagon Differential. This will also prompt you to select if you would like to add a Billet Viscous Coupler with your shaft order. You have your choice of viscous fluid 30K/45K/60/80K. Please note that 80K is not recommended for street use.

Rear Axles: (optional)
We provide rear axles based on your rear differential configuration (RT4WD configuration or RTAWD Configuration) with the exact spline count and axle length required. The SI version of the kit or (Non-TypeR) will use a 23 spline outer bolt-on hub and bearing. The Type R variant will use a 28 spline Bolt-on Hub and Bearing from the OEM Honda catalog, allowing you to perform basic maintenance on your own without creating a single point of failure. These rear axles are rated to 1000hp and are covered by a 1-year warranty, just like the subframe and trailing arms.

Transmission: (optional)
We've recently completed a major innovation with our transmissions, currently under test with Brian Gillespie of "Hasport." We use a 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum Bell Housing that provides compatibility to use the OEM Gear Box from your 10th/11th Gen Civic, Accord, and 6th Gen Integra. All variants are used here from Type R to SI. These transmissions adapt Legacy K Series Element, CRV K Series transfer cases to the new generation of the K Series engine series. Type R and Accord Touring with the 2.0T motor will use a custom Transfer Gear that we designed in-house to mate with the OEM front differential or aftermarket LSD. Some machining is required to your diff for fitment.

Engine Mounts: (coming soon)
We're currently working with Hasport to formulate the much-needed Rear transmission mount for the conversion, which will be available through Hasport directly. All fit testing and subframe clearances will be verified before shipment of the new-gen Civic, Integra, Accord AWD systems. This bell housing and transfer case combo will allow the use of your OEM front axles and half-shaft with no issues.

Fuel Cell: (coming soon)
An under-chassis fuel cell with the industry's largest fuel capacity of 16g with Radium Engineering FCST Internal is coming soon.

Special thanks to @Hasport_Performance, @Delacruz.Motorsports, @Romeoridgee, @andy_fG4_Cline of Axion Industries, @PitoTuning and @MDPFlorida for supporting this project and all of you for your support. 

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