K20C2 Rotrex Supercharger Bracket

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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We are excited to announce that a supercharger option for the K20C2 engine is finally here! The supercharger has been developed by #MDPFlorida and #AKDBuiltPerformance in collaboration, and it has been in high demand for a long time. The supercharger uses the reliable Rotrex Supercharger platform, and a new 6061-T6 Billet aluminum supercharger mount has been created specifically for the K20C2 engine. This mount allows for the fitment of the "CCW" C30 Series and "CCW" C38 Series of Rotrex Centrifugal Superchargers, which will significantly enhance the performance of the "Civic Sport" platform.

K20C2 Supercharger Mount

C30 Series MFG Estimated Power Ranges:

  • C30-64 Estiamted power range is 163-320hp
  • C30-74 Estimated power range is 184-347hp
  • C30-84 Estiamted power range is 190-360hp
  • C30-94 Estimated power range is 197-435hp

C38 Series MFG Estimated Power Ranges:

  • C38-61 Estiamted Power Range 272-557Hp
  • C38-71 Estiamted Power Range 268-620Hp
  • C38-81 Estimated Power Range 300-660Hp
  • C38-91/92 Estimated Power Range 354-720HP 
  • C38-112R Estimated Power Range 455-965Hp

Please note that Additional Engine Internals are recommended for power levels over 300hp for this applications. 

Please note that the size of the supercharger pulley varies depending on the blower unit you select for your application. This listing does not include the blower unit, but we provide all the necessary hardware to install the blower bracket onto the engine. For the best installation and appearance, we recommend using Vibrant VBand Clamps.

When tuning your vehicle, we recommend using our Maxx ECU Street, Sport, Race or Pro EMS System for the best tuning capabilities. This listing has been active since its conception, but we will provide fitment pictures and testing results before distribution.

Please note that this bracket is only compatible with Counter Clock-wise Rotating Rotrex C30 and C38 series. It is not compatible with the Clock-wise rotating versions due to engine placement and fitment.

For this application, you will need a custom intercooler and matching BOV, which are not included in this listing. We recommend using Civic Si, Civic Type R intercooler kits for the best placement/fitment to your 10th or 11th gen application.

The OEM Belt tensioner is used with this application, allowing an OEM serviceable approach to maintenance and fitment for your applications. This application replaces the Airconditioning Pump and resulting hardware. If using Liquid to Air, this application allows you to clean up and remove the OEM heat exchanger for a cleaner appearance and more room for activities.

Grade 12.9 Mounting hardware is provided for the bracket to motor and bracket to Supercharger only. Additional hardware may be required for your install.