Extreme Series Front Axle Kits

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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Another AKDBuilt Performance Inc first! High performance Porsche Axle kits for Honda and Acura FWD/ AWD/ RWD Vehicles. Made of the best alloy steel we could find we have created the most innovative and universal axle kit on the market. Easy configurations between large and smal splines for OEM and Aftermarket configurations these axle kits are specifically designed for our AWD conversion systems. Using 100mm Porsche CV Axles we designed and manufactured flanges adapting the Porsche axle to the Honda platform giving you a much stronger axle with the ability to customize based on the inner and outer joint configuration you desire without breakign the bank. Priced commpetetively this is the fiirst and only adaptive axle kit in the world for the AWD Honda and Acura platform leaving many additional configurations for both front and rear. 

Select an axle configuration for your ptoject. Options include 26 spline (32mm), 28 spline (36mm), 30 spline (36mm) outer 100mm flanges and 25 spline, 27 spline, 28 spline, 29 spline, 30 spline or 31 spline inner axle flanges. These 4340 Billet Steel flanges are CNC'd to specs then heat treated to perfection offering flexability and dirability over any known Honda or Acura axle. 

* These 90mm axles are recommended for 1000hp. Any power range past that could cause mechanical failure. These are recommended for 1000hp. 100mm axles are recommended for 1400hp and our 108mm are recommended for 1500+.