Extreme Series 100mm S2000 Axles

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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New and ready for the street are our new Porsche-inspired AP1 and AP2 S2000 Axles. These axles are designed with the highest of performance in mind. Designed to exceed the strength of any known axle on the market these Extreme Series axles feature 100mm axle joints, Billet Steel Precision Cut flanges with 300m axle shaft cores preheat treated for added strength.

Ready for the track or a daily ride to and from work they allow the best suspension travel ever seen with an axle for a Honda. Due to their modular construction they allow quick and easy maintenance to be performed without removing the axle from the vehicle. Equipped with our own Speed Sensor wheels designed by DelaCruz Motorsports these 50T wheels allow the use of Hall Effect or other Magnetic Speed Sensor Pickups to be used with many ECU's for traction control. These axles are designed to be used with the OEM AP1 or AP2 rear differential however 8.8 variants are also coming soon.


* These 90mm axles are recommended for 1000hp. Any power range past that could cause mechanical failure. These are recommended for 1000hp. 100mm axles are recommended for 1400hp and our 108mm are recommended for 1500+.