RTAWD TQ Sensing Rear Torsen LSD

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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For those of you who's never been up close and personal with our Torsen LSD its time for an out of carrier experience! These LSD's will absolutely blow your mind! Coming in at just 950usd + shipping this thing is jam-packed with features not commonly found.
Featuring a TQ sensing design this full Torsen LSD is second to none. Offering interchangeable gear options to use anything from a 23-spline CRV axle, 25-spline wagon/single cam axle, or 27-spline B Series axle in the rear. These LSDs mean business! Made from some of the strongest materials the automotive industry has ever seen, these differentials offer a progressive cam ramp angle allowing power to smoothly distribute between both rear wheels.
Firm power distribution due to the adjustable bevel springs and Molybdenum Internal clutch plates. Easy fitment to ANY OEM RTAWD carrier case or aftermarket Wagon carrier. Heavy duty, robust, lightweight design built for ruggedized performance both on and offroad. Allowing up to 70% mechanical power transfer from the wheel that slips to the wheel that grips. Seek out our dealers for more information or contact us directly for availability or to make an order.
The typical wait time is 4 to 6 weeks.
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Final Assembly verification

Torsen LSD Assembly


  • Configurable Spline LSD Gear Outputs allowing 23/25/27 Spline outputs.
  • Interchangable output spacers allowing the proper spline depth for 23/25/27 spline OEM or aftermarket axles.
  • Adjustible lockup using the progressive cam angle adjustment internals of the LSD.
  • Steel alloy construction making this LSD rugged and durable.
  • Strongest Gear materials in the industry making this LSD capable of handling serious abuse.
  • Precision CNC cut housing, Gears, OEM bearings, and shims matching perfectly to OEM and Aftermarket housings and Aftermarket Ring Gears. 
  • Molybednum coated internal clutches designed to provide a firm grip to engage the internal LSD Progressive CAM.