RTAWD Rear Differential Clutch Block Plates


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Ready to delete the clutch assembly and lock in more power immediately from your differential? This is the product for you! Fresh off of the manufacturing table these new RacingDiffs block plates are the weapon of choice! Engaging fully the clutch housing and clutch guide these block plates effectly lock the differential into fullt ime 4wd engagement all the time. This set of Block plates provides 100% lock all the time renduring the delay of hydraulic engagement inoperable.  When you install them you will be able to remove the dual pump pressure relief spring, 2wd/4wd selector switch spring then replace the clutch stack. This is a much SAFER option then the DIY way of pinning or welding your plates together.

** Recommended with our 2.545:1 Ring and Pinion Gears only. This will engage the differential into full time 4wd so a Viscous Coupler is required for operation inline on your driveshaft! **

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