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AKDBuilt D/B/F/H Series Standalone Maxx ECU Harness

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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Unlock the full potential of your Honda or Acura automobile with the AKDBuilt Performance Inc and The Harness Shop's innovative solution. The solution uses the Maxx Ecu System, the fastest CAN bus technology on the market, and the fastest processor available - the ARM Cortex-M3 processor. With plug-n-play functionality and an intelligent interface, this solution optimizes your vehicle's potential while retaining all critical factory settings. 

Compatible with various models, including Civic, Integra, Prelude, Accord, CRV, and DelSol, our solution's harness acts as a plug-n-play interface, connecting all of your engine's vital functions to run through a Maxx Ecu "Street, Sport, Race, or Pro" management system. With our creative accessories harness, you can easily add additional accessories like Boost Control, Nitrous Control, Wideband 02, and Flex Fuel Sensors, ensuring that you get the best options for engine control available. 

This innovative design is the first of its kind for Honda and Acura, and we guarantee that it will revolutionize the way you drive. Don't settle for less when it comes to engine control - choose the AKDBuilt Performance Inc and The Harness Shop's solution today and take your automobile to the next level.

Please note that you can request additional inputs and outputs from the accessories connectors to add more functionality to your system. If you need a custom configuration, please contact us today. We offer various additional options such as boost control, Flex Fuel Sensor, Tuner Map Selection Switching, Nitrous Control, Staged Fuel Injection, Additional Fuel Pump Control, Additional Cooling Fan Control, Transmission Oil Pump Control, Oil Temp, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Sequential Up/Down Shift Control, EGT Sensor Control, AntiLag Launch Control, Water Methanol Control, Nitrous Purge, Staging Brake Solenoid Control, and many others. For more information on additional options, please visit Please note that this listing does not include the Maxx Ecu EMS System and that ECU's are sold separately.


Please keep in mind that this harness is compatible only with Maxx Ecu Street, Sport, Race, and Pro Ecu's. If you're not a tuner, you can contact our partner shop, Almazar Motorsports ("@Delacruz.Motorsports" or "@PitoTuning") on Instagram and schedule an appointment for a tune. To use this harness, you'll need the Maxx Ecu Street, Sport, Race, or Pro management system.


Finally, please allow 3 to 5 weeks for harness assembly and shipping information.