AKDBuilt RT4WD Billet Viscous Coupler

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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AKDBuilt’s new Billet Viscous Coupler is based on an OEM Wagon RT4WD design. This new billet coupler and its internal components offer great flexibility by allowing seamless installation and integration into any existing drivetrain. Additionally, it provides serviceable parts for those who want to rebuild their existing couplers that require new plates, centering rings and or housings to repair old units. 10% lighter than factory this new coupler case is made from 7075-T6 hard anodized billet aluminum and features a simplified superior design to any known coupler on the market. 

*Billet Viscous Coupler Lid.

*Billet Viscous Coupler Body.

*Billet Viscous Coupler Output Shaft. 

*Steel Alloy Coupler Shaft 

*Viscous Coupler Plate kit  

Note: driveshaft sold separately!

No more jerry rigging unreliable used Freelander (see below) VC's or paying tax on used Wagonvan parts. A viscous coupler wears out just like everything else and even service manuals will tell you they need to be serviced/replaced. Not a great idea to just throwing 4x the power through a old worn out unit. When not functioning properly a bad VC can ruin your exepensive Wagovan rear differential and/or CRV transmission. 

* Please allow 15 days for machining, assembly and shipment.

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