AKDBuilt Hydraulic (RT4WD) Coupler Internals

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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Finally the first production viscous coupler replacements are finished! This is the first production standard sized RT4WD Wagon viscous coupler internal viscous coupler plate kit available on the market. Available for 340.00 these new Viscous coupler plates are a 1 for 1 swap with the original Wagon Coupler Plates. Each Kit comes with 40 slotted, 39 circular cut and 38 Centering Rings to replace those old worn and damaged 30yr old Viscous Coupler internal plates.
Tested by Albert Marty and several others like Derf.Tuned these new plates can handle all you can throw at them. From 45K CST to 100K CST they are designed to be stronger than the original mild steel variants and with their superior design and manufacturing program will surpass any and every other company attempting to create these plates or recreate them. Teflon coated Viscous cplates and Nickel coated centering rings are next to none in design or quality. Alowing greater heat disapation than OEM or any other known variant. Video and pics below shopwing their form, fitment and over all usage and the end result is more grip and traction to the rear than you could ever imagin. We have a 14 day lead time currently as these are the first of their kind replacement parts. 

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