AKDBuilt Hydraulic (RT4WD) Coupler Internals

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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Finally the first production viscous coupler replacements are finished! This is the first production standard sized RT4WD Wagon viscous coupler internal viscous coupler plate kit available on the market. Available for 340.00 these new Viscous coupler plates are a 1 for 1 swap with the original Wagon Coupler Plates. Each Kit comes with 40 slotted, 39 circular cut and 38 Centering Rings to replace those old worn and damaged 30yr old Viscous Coupler internal plates.
We will make a post showing their availability on our site however these Carbon Steel viscous coupler plates are modeled after the original coupler plates and shaft splines. Ideal for any shop or do-it-yourselfer wanting to replace the damaged internal parts these couplers are plagued with. We have a 14 day lead time currently as these are the first of their kind replacement parts.