AKDBuilt Performance "RT4WD" Differential Master Rebuild Kit

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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Many have asked how we planned on making a Billet Wagon Differential if the consumable parts are not manufacturered by Honda anymore? Or have wanted to buy a Billet Wagon differential but do not know where to go and get the hard parts like bearings, oil seals, crush washers and other internal components to get them assembled? Well we told you we were working on a solution for that and we are pleased to offer "NEW" RT4WD Wagon rebuild parts. 

Our master list of comsumable parts comes directly from Honda of Japan illustrating the full list of parts required to assemble your OEM Wagon Differential or one of our Billet RT4WD Wagon Differentials.

More parts are coming in weekly from our suppliers so if there are other parts that you need for this differential please make the request and we will assist in providing quotes and parts. Other parts like Pinion Shims, Rear Differential bearing shims are also special request and can be added to your order upon request.