AKDBuilt Hydraulic (RT4WD) Coupler Bearing & Seal Kit

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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For those of you with RT4WD Honda Viscous Couplers having issues finding new parts for your rebuild. You are in luck. AKDBuilt Performance not only has created Viscous Coupler Plate kits but full rebuild kits to revitalize those old worn couplers. New Bearings and Seals are provided in this liting. Same used to build our Billet Viscous Couplers.

This listing is for:

New Cover Bearings, O-Ring, Oil Seal, Quad Rings, Lower Case bearing and Quad Seal. Everything you need to rebuild your coupler. Minus the plates ofcourse and fluid which are seperate listings. If you have vibration caused by failing bearings or damages seals caused by excessive wear this is the listing for you. 

For Plate kits please follow the link below.


For Viscous Coupler Fluid please follow this link below.


Disclaimer: Viscous Fluid and plates sold separately.