RT4WD Differential Shim #15 Master Shim Kits

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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Long-awaited, our Honda RT4WD Wagon differential master shim kit is ready for sale! This listing features shim number 15 from the reference sheet above for the rear differential carrier. Our shims are everything you need to achieve close tolerance with your wagon differential bearings inside the carrier.

Reference (#15) 67mm Carrier Shims provided are: 

0.50mm, 2.20mm, 2.23mm, 2.26mm, 2.29mm, 2.32mm, 2.32mm, 2.35mm, 2.38mm, 2.41mm, 2.44mm, 2.47mm, 2.50mm, 2.53mm, 2.56mm, 2.62mm, 2.65mm, 2.68mm, 2.71mm, 2.74mm, 2.80mm, 2.83mm, and 2.86mm.