RT4WD Pinion Shaft Shim #13 Master Shim Kits

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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A lot of people wanted to know when we made our new Billet Wagon Differential. What we were going to do about all of the remaining parts required to assemble one. To answer that is better to show then tell. So we went thru the entire Honda parts catelog and recreated "EVERY" shim Honda ever made to support these differentials. a bad bearing, crushed or over tightened pinion shaft nut or many other situations can leave you with excess play in the installation or rebuild of your RT4WD Wagon rear differential.

Tolorences change depending on the bearings used and over time parts wear and fall out of spec. Let us help you revitalize that rear differential with our new Wagon differential shim kits. Each kit comes with 1 shim of the thicknesses requested from an easy to use drop down menu. Choose the required shim thickness and we will immediately ship your shim ready to install. We use nothing but the best 316L stainless steel materials, laser engraved with the thickness and branding to let you know your installing quality precision parts every time. 

Best way to add cheap insurance is to use new parts everytime you rebuild. With these new servicable replacement parts you can operate your vehicle with confidence that you have the correct fitment for your high performance or street daily driven vehicle.