RT4WD High Performance Driveshaft

AKDBuilt Performance Inc

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New and improved AKDBuilt Performance Driveshafts are now available! Made from 3" DOM Steel these 2 piece driveshafts are designed to outperform any OEM Driveshaft on the market! Featuring a 3" center slip yoke, 1310 U Joints and our new Billet Steel U Joint Flanges bolt directly to the RT4WD Wagon Differential using any AWD B/K Series AWD transmission case.  No adapters required! 

Assembling our driveshaft couldnt be easier with our CV Joint Delete Kit (Sold Seperately) allowing the use of dedicated 1310 U Joints to be used on all Jointed areas of the driveshaft decreasing cost and increasing performance of the driveshaft. This part comes standard with our RT4WD driveshaft allowing ease of manufacturing and maintanability of the driveshaft using basic parts found in any automotive store. 

Designed to support over 1000hp and over 800+lb ft of tq these driveshafts are the premier product associated with our AWD V1.5 conversion systems and for vehicles using the Wagon Viscous Coupler. Designed to work for the RTAWD/ RT4WD Family of transmissions and differentials with locked clutches or Viscous Couplers. Driveshaft orders typically take 2 weeks in mfg but wait times depend on the mfg team.   

NOTE: Viscous coupler and CV Joint Adapter sold separately or as part of a AKDBuilt Billet Viscous Coupler Assembly!